The looming future (Thanks, Career Services.)

Okay, so today I got a letter from Career Services at Grove City. The second I saw the envelope I knew it was going to stress me out, but I stupidly opened it anyway. The envelope only contained two pieces of paper. That couldn’t be too bad, right? Wrong. Basically the letter was an instructional on how not to waste your senior year and end up jobless in your parents’ basement at the end of it all. Okay, I may be overreacting. But it did make me start thinking about the looming future that’s just around the corner of ten months. There’s a lot that has to get done in that amount of time, people. Not only do I need to find potential jobs and apply for them, but I actually have to decide what I want to be when I grow up, all while planning a wedding. This is stressful. No one told me this would be stressful. Or maybe they did and I wasn’t listening.
Granted, I have so many things I’m looking forward to in the coming year. For one thing, I get to marry my best friend in about a year. That’s going to be fantastic. And even when it’s not all flowers and butterflies (as my mother would say), we love each other and are committed to each other and the life we plan to build. Also, I’m pretty excited to take my classes this year. Since I took a lot of core classes at the beginning of my college career, I had a lot of freedom to take what I wanted this year. For instance, I’m taking a violin lesson and a voice lesson this year, dance classes, super fun lit. classes, and an independent study that will allow me to work in earnest on a novel. It’s a pretty exciting time.
Regardless of all this excitement and anticipation, I am terribly stressed sometimes. For years I thought I would like to go into editing, but last fall I found out that I absolutely hate copy editing. It drives me bonkers. Then I thought maybe teaching would be the thing, but I can’t picture myself teaching anywhere except somewhere small, which is hard to find. Now I’m thinking I’d like to go into publishing. It seems like something I would really enjoy, even though it’s stressful, since I love running things for the Echo Literary Magazine at Grove City. The publishing industry, however, is extraordinarily difficult to get into right now. I guess I’ll just have to apply to tons of places (applications are fun, right?) and take what I can get. We’ll see. It’s stressful.
Overall, my current desire is to hide in my super fuzzy Union Jack blanket and hope I don’t have to actually face the difficult parts of being an adult. That’s okay, right?


The joys and sorrows of having pets

I have been blessed to grow up on a small farm surrounded by horses, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, mice, a turtle, an iguana, and bunnies. There are so many wonderful memories associated with having animals and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. They’re great friends and play-mates and they have this amazing ability to tell when you need company or comforting. In short, I love my animals. Along with all the joys pets bring, there is also such sadness that goes along with losing these loyal, loving, friends. This week has been one of trials.
To begin with, on Saturday, one of our cats had to be put to sleep. She had been acting sick off and on for a little while, but since she kept picking back up, we weren’t too worried. On Saturday night though, she was clearly very sick, so we took her to the emergency veterinary hospital. Basically they told us that she was never going to eat on her own again and that, without huge invasive things like feeding tubes, she was going to eventually starve to death. My mom didn’t really have a choice at that point and we were there snuggling with her until the end. Molly was such a sweet cat and we will miss her sitting with us in the sewing chair and playing the piano with us.


The second blow started on Monday. Last summer, in the midst of going through a lot of emotional stuff, I impulse bought this adorable little bunny at Agway and named her Edith. She pretty much instantly had me, my mom, and my dad wrapped around her little paw. In January, we discovered that she had some sort of cyst on her lower stomach, but after going to the emergency vet, getting charged way more than necessary, and going home with some antibiotics, she seemed to be doing just fine, so we continued making sure the cyst wasn’t growing and that she was acting normally. Up until Monday, she was doing just that: acting normal. She began her days by playing with her water bottle at 5 a.m. to wake me up, spent a lot of time jumping around her cage and hiding in her hay pile, and at night I brought her salads of carrots and lettuce which she payed for with bunny kisses (basically she would rest her nose on mine and it was adorable). On Monday, we knew something was wrong because she refused her carrots, so we took her to the (regular) vet. We then, at their strong suggestion, scheduled her for surgery on Friday to remove the cyst because it was now making her not feel well. Again we left the vet with antibiotics, pain killers, and some special food. Yesterday, she was fine, acting normal, but today, she took a major turn for the worst. We rushed her to the vet, but it was too late and she passed while we were at the vet, with me petting her. The vet told us that she most likely wouldn’t have survived the surgery even if we had gone earlier. I miss her so much already and she hasn’t even been gone a day, but I in no way regret having her. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through last summer without her little face to keep me company, and I have this sneaking suspicion that God gave her to me for that exact purpose, and I like to think that she had a good home with me too. 

Overall, this week has been really terrible and I am very, very sad right now, and in true animal fashion, Missy (my dog) has followed me around trying to cheer me up all day. Despite the sorrow, I wouldn’t have traded having my dear Edith or Molly in my life and I hope that one day I might see them again, God willing. 


Sleepovers and lack of sleep

This week has been a bit challenging. I worked at VBS at my church, in the craft room, from Monday to Thursday and there were over 280 children there. The most challenging by far was the first and second grade group since there were 56 of them, which is a lot of children when you think about it. The kids were great and adorable and generally well behaved, but it was still exhausting. So what I’m saying here is that I’m really tired.

Despite my exhaustion though, I went to my dear friend Tirzah’s house for a sleepover with Abbie, Lydia, and of course, Tirzah – all close high school, and now college, friends. The problem with having a sleepover when you’ve gotten very little sleep in the week is perhaps obvious. Plus, despite falling asleep at two in the morning while watching a movie, my VBS tuned body woke up at 7:30 this morning. I’m tired, guys, really tired. And a little hungry. But the rest of the crew is not awake yet, so I’m just waiting. I have Zanzibar the cat to keep me company and it was good catching up with my friends. And now I continue waiting in my sleep deprived state.