Busyness and Making Time

Lately, as per usual, I’ve been pulled in about a dozen different directions. Between homework, classes, papers, two jobs, dancing, the Echo, and LIT, it’s really easy to get distracted from the people in my life. For the first two years of college, I think I did just that. Everything was always revolving around school work and people were constantly taking a back seat to that. Even though it’s important to focus on school and all the work it entails (since that is sort of the point of college), people and relationships are of a more lasting value because people themselves are infinitely more important than grades. Now, don’t misunderstand me, working hard in school and doing the best that you can is important since it (at this point in our lives) is our job as students and it would be foolish is squander the opportunity to learn all we can from this short experience (senior wistfulness, anyone?). I am saying though, that making time for your friends and loved ones shouldn’t be something that you cut out of your life. People are great and honestly, even though I feel like I don’t have time, I am so much happier and focused when I actually spend time with friends and give them my attention, sans homework, for a couple hours. All of this is to say, that if you’re super busy, as I’m sure everyone is, make time for the people that matter. Even if that means actively scheduling time in for them or writing a quick note or email to say you’re thinking about them, it’s worth it. I promise.

I’m done with my ramblings for now. I hope you all have lovely evenings and take some time for people this week.


A Cure for Writer’s Block?

Well, I am grievously late in sending in my writing for my independent study this week. Which is a little unfortunate, but it seems that all my writing ability has gone out the window. This past week has been insanely busy and crazy, but sometimes that’s when the best writing happens. Not this week apparently. Starting on Monday I had three meetings, two days of TA work, about 60 pages or more to read per night, event planning and advertising for LIT (the English honorary that I’m president of), training for the writing center job, and my first week of dance practice. Oh, and there’s that pesky thing called socializing with people so I don’t lose my mind. Through all of this, I tried to write every morning. Inevitably, the attempt to write ended with me staring at the blinking cursor for about an hour, writing utter crap which I quickly deleted, and finally giving up. It’s been discouraging. None the less, I am supposed to send seven and a half pages to Dr. Potter by the end of today. I don’t quite know what to do. My characters are feeling lifeless because I have had no time to spend getting to know them and my plots are arbitrary. Basically, I have a major case of writer’s block. That, in a nutshell, is why I’m writing this post. They say writing is the best cure for writer’s block, right?

Anyway, this coming week probably will not be any better time-wise than last week. Especially since it’s my first week at the writing center and I am required to attend a “Leadership Dinner” because I’m a leader apparently. On the plus side though, I don’t have a training session, an Echo meeting, or any serious advertising to do. Overall, the semester is not going to get less busy or stressful, so I’m trying to conquer my writing problems now so that I don’t wash out on the whole independent study thing later on. So, now since I’ve got some writing down on the electronic paper, I’m going to try to write something passable to send to Dr. Potter. Wish me luck, folks. And if you think of any grand cures for writer’s block, send ’em my way.

Life Update (and how I feel about graduating)

It’s been about two weeks since I got back on campus and already things are a little bonkers around here. Since this is my last year here, I have this annoying urge to do as many things as I can so that I don’t regret missing out a few years down the line. This urge though is also countered by my senior year induced laziness. It’s a difficult balance. Marcus would say that I was definitely leaning toward the doing too much end of things. He’s probably right. 

So far classes have been good. It’s a little on the philosophy heavy end though since I’m taking Early Modern Europe (basically all about early modern worldview) and Literary Criticism, the dreaded and terrifying English major class, at the same time. On top of those two, I have my independent study, creative non-fiction, and Gothic lit. Surprisingly, Gothic lit has quickly become my favorite class. The professor is new, so I was a little wary at first, but he’s super fun and engaging. Plus there’s only eleven of us in the class, and most of us are juniors or seniors so we all know each other pretty well. It’s a good time. Today our conversation about The Castle of Otronto by Horace Walpole devolved into a discussion of the movie Xanadu and the possibility of someone being crushed by a giant in roller skates. We talk about real stuff most of the time, I promise (don’t worry, Mom and Dad, your money is not being wasted.). Anyway, classes wise this year will be interesting and probably difficult. 

On top of that, I am working as a TA still and just took a job at the writing center here, I’m senior editor of the literary magazine, president of the English honorary, and I just auditioned for the dance troupe again. In short, things are a little busy. Maybe I should stop adding things. Especially since Marcus and I are also trying to plan our wedding. 

By the way, don’t listen to anyone who tells you wedding planning is fun. I mean, yes, getting married to my best friend is pretty darn exciting, and there are some fun moments in wedding planning, but most of the time it’s dealing with annoying details that also cost tons of money. Seriously, how does a cake cost over a thousand dollars? That’s ridiculous. The newest suggestion is that Marcus’s roommate, Matt, along with all the wedding party plays “Here Comes the Bride” on kuzoos. It’s sounding like a way more fun thing than anything else at this point. Do you think my family would be cool with that? Maybe? It’d be memorable at least. 

Anyway, all that to say, this senior year is going to be busy and I’m going to have to really focus on enjoying it and remembering that it is my last year. I’ve really grown to love it here, even if sometimes it drives me insane. The people I’ve met, for the most part, have become some of my closest friends and my professors have become friends too, which I know doesn’t happen at every school. Plus, I’ve been blessed to have Marcus here with me and to get to know all the ADELs over the last three years, a lot of whom are some of my best friends here. 

It’s time to enjoy every little moment of this last year, even when it’s stressful, so that’s what I aim to do. That and over commit myself all over the place.