Lunch time thoughts

I’m currently sitting under a blinking florescent light in the lunch room at my not-that-enjoyable-but-pays-alright job, typing this post on my phone and wishing I was at home actually writing. Lately, my time has been pretty much consumed with work, wedding planning, and moving stuff into Marcus and my new apartment. None of these are bad things in and of themselves, but I do miss writing and talking with people who understand that. It’s something I definitely took for granted while I was at school, but that I miss more than a lot of things. I miss my friends a great deal as well, which is certainly part of the whole thing.
This lonely feeling has made me realize what it is to have a writer friend who relates to what you’re going through on that level. There is a major difference between talking to someone (even someone I love, like Marcus) who is not a writer, and talking to someone who is a writer. There’s just a different level of understanding between one another that makes me realize why so many great writers stuck together – the Inklings and the Lost Generation Writers, to name a few. Maybe part of the reason they’re great writers in the first place is because they have support systems. I’m not sure, but I know I miss it.
I’m trying to keep writing, but I think I need to find a writer friend who understands the types of things I’m doing, and who I can hopefully help in the same way. So, if you know anyone, send them my way. Otherwise, I’m going to start writing letters to my fellow writers from school. Check your mailboxes.