Concerts and Mexican food

Over the last few years (I want to say seven or eight…), Marcus, Stephen, and I have had many adventures. One of our most constant and favorite activities has been Mewithoutyou concerts. Marcus and Stephen have been to at least two together, Stephen and I have been to one together, Marcus and I have been to one together, and last night, we all three went to one together. In less than two weeks, Stephen will be moving away to Alabama, so this was sort of a last hurrah kind of concert. Except that, it won’t really be our last hurrah. It’s just one adventure in a long, on-going list of hurrahs yet to come.

This particular adventure included most of our usual favorite elements – aimless wandering in shops, coffee, a lot of terrible food, a great band, and late night chats over Mexican food spanning from stupid TV shows, literature, and everything in between. It’s going to be hard when Stephen moves away, but I know that we’ll have many more stories, probably including Mewithoutyou concerts and food. So, here’s to our next upcoming adventure. Knowing the three of us, it won’t be far in the future and it will be wonderfully memorable.


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