The casual minimalist

Marcus started listening to The Minimalists Podcast over a year ago and jumped on board the whole minimalism thing way sooner and more enthusiastically than I have. Slowly, though, I’m learning the benefits of living with less stuff. For one thing, it makes it a lot easier to focus on important things (people, relationships, writing – things I love) when I’m not harboring emotional attachments toward a pile of t-shirts.

I started by cleaning out my drawers of shirts. How I thought I could wear forty different casual shirts while working in a business casual environment, I will never know. The strangest thing about cleaning out those first drawers of clothing was that it became rather addicting. It turns out that cleaning out clothing and donating it feels a lot better than leaving those items tucked into a dark drawer where they don’t get used. Plus, it makes it much simpler to choose outfits when you know exactly what you have.

After my closet, I worked my way through my desk, the kitchen, the bathroom, and living room. It seems that as soon as we’re done cleaning out one area, we end up coming up with a whole new donate pile we never knew existed before.

By the time we’re ready to move out of this rented house, I want to have less than I currently have. It’s not at all that cleaning out directly made me happier. Somehow, though, lightening the load made it more possible to focus on what I want to focus on. My journey into casual minimalism has really been about eliminating distractions, not things.